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Changes have sầu propagated through benthic invertebrates, with the macrofaumãng cầu changing from echinoids và large clams khổng lồ opportunistic brittle stars & polychaetes.
From studies of crevasse opening & closure, he contemplated both brittle and ductile aspects of ice deformation.
How pressure solution creep & fracturing processes interact in the upper crust to lớn make it behave in both a brittle and viscous manner.
The transition from brittle faulting khổng lồ cataclastic flow in porous sandstone: mechanical definition.
Individual blocks are separated by thin, slickensided surfaces with fibrous striae, which make these fault zones suitable for brittle strain analysis.
Several brittle extensional micro-faults bear a ductile overprint expressed in the folding of both foliation and fault surfaces.
Only limited evidence is preserved for ductile và brittle thrustsense movements along this portion of the fault zone.
Non-scarified seeds remained apparently unchanged physically, being hard & brittle when subsequently scarified; therefore, it is unlikely that slow imbibition occurred during incubation.
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