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time when a business does not operate, for example when machines break down or there is no work lớn do:
For plant workers who endured weeks of downtime last year, the rebound in the market is a big relief.
Moreover, there are 52 weeks in a year, and excluding holidays và planned & unplanned downtime, there were approximately 50 possible procedure weeks per year.
If used as a stand-alone reward system it can create a workforce of perennial students, and training time is necessarily "downtime" performance-wise.
One way to lớn reduce the cleaning periods, và thus plant downtime, is lớn look at alternative sầu materials và surfaces with lower affinities for contamination.
Operating schedules put pressure on aircraft downtime dictating that swift and efficient problem rectification takes place after defects/symptoms are reported.
The 2% downtime (critical time) include factors lượt thích planned maintenance và programming or is due khổng lồ failure of some sort.
If there is a problem with machine downtime, it may be necessary to lớn improve sầu maintenance systems or renew old machinery.
Scheduled maintenance practices tkết thúc lớn reduce machine lifetime và increase downtime, resulting in loss of productivity.
If the disks are not duplexed, this will result in significant clinical downtime (hardware replacement + 1 5 hours = 2 days work).
Many high-availability systems vì chưng not threaten human life in cases of failure and instead are designed to maximize uptime & minimize downtime.
When machinery is operated continuously for long periods, greater productivity may be affected by downtime for maintenance.
Troubleshooting represents about 1/2 of airplane downtime, và the main goal was to halve the time required for diagnosis, which means an overall reduction of 25% in downtime.

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If analysts vị not add a proportion of downtime to the overall estimate of staff time/patient, this approach will underestimate labor costs & biases the cost-effectiveness ratio.
Quick feeder changeover is required in order lớn minimize machine down-time, so feeders must be designed for fast replacement.
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