a wooden or stone structure built in the water at the edge of a sea or lake và used by people getting on and off boats

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a structure built out from the land inlớn the water as a landing place for boats or as protection from waves
If the jetties were extended one by one, a possibility which cannot be ruled out, what then is the "mighty organizational undertaking"?
This licence sets the limit for the quantity of explosives or munitions that can be held on board a vessel while alongside the jetty.
Those ancillary services, naturally, include the provision of such things as ferries, jetties and piers.
The point was not made then that there was an unlimited right to lớn bring in oil and natural gas through the jetty.
The only suggestion is that there is to lớn be money for the demolition of harbours & piers, not for the construction of piers & jetties.
When a doông xã or a jetty or something which is expected to pay is made there are tolls charged in respect of it.
At that time the local council were having a little trouble with their jetty which was getting rusty and so on.
It should be only for the importation of iron ore, và possibly some similar bulk hàng hóa such as oil, hat the jetty should be used.
If the container port is to be used to the maximum, it will not be enough lớn improve the face of the jetty.
The other is a case of very large expenditure on jetties và railways, and the development of a whole district.
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a family consisting of two parents và their children, but not including aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

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