How does ammonia evolve sầu here? Is it that we get hydroren gas evolving in the reaction between Al & NaOH, và this gas reacts with the NO3 anion?

I there a logical way to deduce this, or should one just memorize that “Al & Zn reduce $ceNO3-$ to ammonia in basic solutions”?


I learned that the reaction is called “a nitrate test using Devarda”s alloy”, but there is no specific mô tả tìm kiếm of the process in Wikipedia. All I learned is that the reason is certainly not the freshly-minted hydrogen:

Nascent hydrogene was supposed to lớn be responsible for the reduction of arsenate or nitrate in arsine or ammonia respectively. Nowadays, isotopic evidence has closed the nascent hydrogen debate, presently considered to lớn be a Gedanken artifact of romanticism.

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Đang xem: How khổng lồ balance: al(no3)3 + naoh = al(oh)3 + nano3

And I wonder why NaOH is needed. Probably khổng lồ activate the aluminium (lớn break the oxide layer). reaction-mechanism redox Share Improve this question Follow edited Apr 13 “17 at 12:57


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