used to describe assets or debts that a company does not need khổng lồ show on its balance sheet (= financial statement for a particular period):

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What progress is being made to lớn ensure that accounting procedures are standardised và sufficiently transparent lớn capture off-balance-sheet activity & any other innovative practices?
First, if we take the net off-balance-sheet federal entities of about $19 billion we bring it up khổng lồ about $120 billion.
We also need to lớn clarify the obligation of transparency in risk calculations and on the disclosure of off-balance-sheet vehicles.
This is the only complete off-balance-sheet financing package which the oil industry has been able to lớn nego- tiate.
The sustainable investment rule has been rendered virtually meaningless by the fact that a huge amount of off-balance-sheet finance is taking place.
As lớn the financing, what in business we hotline off-balance-sheet financing provides ways in which this can be done with minimum difficulty.
In view of the explosive sầu growth in off-balance-sheet transactions, especially in derivatives, the stability of the entire financial system would benefit from the inclusion of off-balance-sheet items.
We cannot control transfer pricing, transfers of capital or companies" activities if we vì not know what is going on và, indeed, we cannot stop off-balance-sheet accounting.
The problem is that if a bail-out occurred during a khuyến mãi as a result of a guarantee being given, that would look lượt thích nothing but shadowy, off-balance-sheet public spending.
We are dealing with obscure but classic examples of the sort of clever stuff that people have sầu got up to with off-balance-sheet accounting in the private sector.
The losses came from a series of failed bets using risky derivative sầu investments held in off-balance-sheet vehicles.
The subsidiary was accused of conspiracy lớn violate securities laws by transferring $762 million in troubled loans và investments to off-balance-sheet entities in 2001.

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a family consisting of two parents and their children, but not including aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

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