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Mark the letter A, B, C or D lớn indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning lớn each of the following questions.

Question 27: People no longer smoke so many cigarettes as they used khổng lồ.

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A. Smoking cigarettes used khổng lồ be allowed years ago.

B. The smoking of cigarettes is no longer as popular as it used lớn be.

C. So many cigarettes used lớn be smoked but they aren"t now.

D. People don"t like smoking cigarettes as much as they did.


Đáp án B

Dịch nghĩa: Người ta không hề hút thuốc lá không ít như trước đó đây nữa.

A. Hút thuốc lá đã có lần được phnghiền các năm ngoái.

B. Việc thuốc lá lá không còn phổ biến như lúc trước kia nữa.

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C. Rất những điếu thuốc lá đã có lần được hút nhưng bây chừ thì ko.

D. Mọi fan không thích thuốc lá lá nhiều nlỗi chúng ta đã có lần.

Read the following passage và mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet khổng lồ indicate the correct answer to lớn each of the question.

Most people start smoking when they are in their teens and are addicted by the time they reach adulthood. Some have sầu tried to quit but have sầu returned khổng lồ cigarettes because smoking is such a strong addiction. It is a habit that is very difficult khổng lồ break. There are many different reasons why people smoke.

Three of the main reasons that young people smoke are khổng lồ look mature, to lớn be lượt thích their friends, & to lớn experiment. Since teens see older people all around them smoking, especially their parents & relatives, they smoke lớn act older. If their friends or peers smoke, they may feel pressured inkhổng lồ doing the same khổng lồ be accepted. The last reason is the excitement of experimenting with something that is forbidden. In Massachusetts it is against the law for anyone under 18 years old to lớn smoke. Usually parents vày not allow their under age teens khổng lồ smoke. Therefore, smoking becomes very attractive sầu. It is exciting to lớn get cigarettes và sneak away to lớn smoke without being caught.

Adults smoke for other reasons. They may have a lot of bít tất tay and pressures because of economic & personal problems. They may be unemployed or working but not making enough money to lớn take care of themselves và their families. They may be homeless, or they may be dealing with alcohol or cocaine/heroin addictions. Some may be in bad marriages or relationships in which there is physical and/or verbal abuse. All these people may smoke to feel relaxed or lớn give them energy while going through a hard time.

Whether young or old, some people smoke to lớn control their weight. Smokers, on the average, weigh seven pounds less than non-smokers. Smoking reduces a person"s appetite. It lessens his/her sense of taste và smell. This could be why ex-smokers gain weight after quitting cigarettes. Food tastes và smells so much better.

Finally, there are people who say they love sầu to lớn smoke. Smoking gives them pleasure. It just makes them feel good.

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