relating khổng lồ a period of time when a criminal must behave sầu well and not commit any more crimes in order lớn avoid being sent khổng lồ prison:
relating khổng lồ a period of time when you are new to lớn a job or activity & are being watched & tested to see if you are suitable:
The visa will give probationary status to illegal immigrants before they become eligible to apply for green cards.

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relating to lớn the period during which a new employee is being watched closely to lớn see if they are suitable for their job :
The administration will more closely scrutinize teachers during the three-year probationary period before tenure.
Schools must give sầu probationary teachers 60 days notice before the kết thúc of the school year if their contract is not going to be renewed.
relating khổng lồ the situation in which a criminal is allowed to lớn stay out of prison if they follow particular rules and vì chưng not commit another crime :
The number of applicants for probationary police inspector posts has nearly doubled in the last two years & in 1997 included 246 university graduates.
Of the latter, an unspecified number would become full members after a probationary period (usually of three months) had been served.
At this point, they started their probationary one-year formation period, at the end of which they could be confirmed.
This hypothesis has given rise khổng lồ recent calls to rekhung the state"s criminal justice system by introducing privately inflicted sanctions, for example, shaming penalties, private prisons, or private probationary services.
Given that one of the chief doubts in the mind of any inquisitor was whether the repentance of a summoned heretic was sincere, penances took on a probationary nature.
A police constable on appointment will, however, receive £16,635 in salary, rising lớn £18,612 after initial training and £19,713 on successful completion of two years probationary service.
I think it is worthy of commendation that there is lớn be an extension of the principle with regard to lớn probationary officers.
Newly qualified drivers were to lớn carry a distinguishing mark on their vehicles for a probationary period.
We believe that private security firm employees laông xã adequate vetting, initial training, probationary periods & inter-organisation communication and information.
They would be there as assistant lecturers if they were lucky, sometimes as probationary lecturers, & sometimes even with no appointment except a college fellowship.
The question of probationary plates will be addressed in the road safety strategy, which is soon to lớn be announced.
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