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First Year Residents

Jakub Cekovsky, MDMasaryk University, Czech Republic "I worked as an intern in Prague for one year before I started the residency here in Clevelvà. I rotated at the Cleveland Clinic for one month during last semester at University and I enjoyed it a lot. Peaceful atmosphere & friendly environment of the Clinic completely got me & I am very happy khổng lồ get medical training here. Being a huge rochồng "n" roll tín đồ, I am even more excited about being in Clevel&.

Katie Ellis, DOOhio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio"I was born & raised in the Clevel& area và only left for 4 years of undergrad at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. I was then accepted inlớn Ohio University"s medical school in Clevelvà & was so excited to lớn come back home. While on a sub-I at The Clevel& Clinic I truly felt lượt thích I was part of a medical team for the first time. We had a wide variety of patients và diagnoses, & skills và independence were drastically improved after just 1 month here. It was truly an experience that was unable to be topped!"

Daniel Janisz, MDPoznan University of Medical Science, Poland"I attended the University of Tolevì for undergrad và grad school. I then moved to Europe to study medicine at the Poznan University of Medical Science in Poznan, Poland! Coming trang chủ to lớn Clevel& Clinic Children"s is definitely a dream come true. Apart from the great mixture of rare/complex & classic pediatric cases, the people make this program amazing. From the very first experience I had at Clevelvà Clinic Children’s at interview day, the program has whole-heartedly welcomed me & continues to demonstrate their commitment to not only our pediatric patients & their families, but to the residents as well! In spare time, I love sầu khổng lồ experience all that Clevelvà has to offer, from Lake Erie’s beaches lớn all the Metroparks, to the awesome food and entertainment (even in the winter!)."

Lauren Jasko, DOOhio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio"One of the reasons why I chose Cleveland Clinic Children’s was because I felt the sense of a close-knit family during interview dinner with the residents và throughout interview day. Clevelvà Clinic is without a doubt, committed khổng lồ fostering diversity và inclusion. The diversity of the residents, faculty, và patient population at CCF creates a sense of unity & belonging that is felt by anyone who walks through the Trắng hallways. Residents have sầu so many opportunities for learning, it is endless."

Allen Joe, MDSt. John’s Medical College, India"I chose Clevel& Clinic for its diverse patient population, wide range of pathology, ample research opportunities & incredibly friendly people. More importantly, the program’s emphasis on team work and holistic development of its residents helped me choose CCF as the program lớn train."

Stephanie Lucas, MDWayne State University School of Medicine, Michigan"I chose Clevelvà Clinic because during PhD I became interested in mitochondrial disorders, a very rare genetic disorder. Yet, Cleveland Clinic is one of the few hospitals in the world that has a physician specializing in these disorders. During interview, he was willing khổng lồ take his own không tính phí time to discuss his work. Since coming here, I have sầu found that most of the physicians are really passionate about teaching, you just have to be willing to lớn ask a question. Furthermore, many of them are leaders in their field, seeing patients that few others ever see or even hear about outside a text book. If you are into the rare & cutting-edge like me, then Cleveland Clinic is the place khổng lồ be."

Larissa Isaac Maximo, MDFundação Técniteo Educacional Souza Marques – Escola de Medicina, Brazil"I went to Fundação Técniteo Educacional Souza Marques – Escola de Medicimãng cầu for medical school. I also completed Pediatrics Residency at Instituto Nacional de Saúde domain authority Mulher, domain authority Criança e vì Adolescente Fernandes Figueira (IFF/Fiocruz) & then Pediatric Cardiology at Hospital Federal de Bonsucesso, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After ending training, I have had many work opportunities as an attending. But path was made clear and passion in medicine enhanced after fellowship electives in pediatric cardiology. These brief experiences made me realize how this knowledge could be complementary to lớn training & help lớn develop me as a future leader in this field. I chose Clevel& Clinic because so I could academic proficiency more robust, while learning all the nuances lớn excel as a Resident in Pediatrics. interview experience was amazing & I felt it was the right place to start a new beginning. In không tính phí time I lượt thích hanging out with friends, watching TV shows và travelling. Also, one of hobbies is learning new languages and here in Clevel& is a perfect place to lớn work on skills in Portuguese, English, Spanish & French!"

Maliha Naeem, MDAga Khan Medical College, Pakistan"When I appeared for interview at the Clevelvà Clinic, I noticed a world map which had pointers indicating places where all the residents came from, at that moment I knew this is a place where identity will be appreciated. Having abandoned trang chủ country (Pakistan) where I finished medical school & having gone through a tough process of wrapping up fitness business baông chồng home, I can safely say transitioning khổng lồ Clevelvà was one of the best decisions that I have made so far. I am really enjoying the education, diversity, inclusion và the sense of community which I am experiencing here."

Michelle Naporano, DOOhio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio"I ultimately chose to come lớn Cleveland Clinic for residency because of the amazing atmosphere here. Everyone is always willing lớn teach, và never too busy to lớn lover a helping h&. Here, you’ll find a place khổng lồ truly grow, both professionally and personally."

Jessica Ruikka, DOKansas City University of Medicine & Biosciences, Missouri"I did a rotation at Cleveland Clinic Children’s in infectious disease and had a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed the variety of pathology and even more so I enjoyed the people I was working with. This experience and the city of Clevelvà is what led me here."

Matthew Sanfilippo, DOOhio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio"I went to Xavier University in Cincinnati for undergrad và then baông chồng up to lớn Clevelvà for medical school at Ohio University, và I’m super excited khổng lồ be staying here for residency. I chose the Cleveland Clinic because it felt lượt thích trang chủ from the moment I did first rotation here. Everyone from the residents khổng lồ the attendings was incredibly welcoming và so willing to lớn help each other become better doctors. Not khổng lồ mention the awesome diversity of patients that you get to see here!"

Peter Sarnacki, DOMichigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Michigan"I chose CCF to train in child neurology not only because of the world renown care provided lớn patients of the highest complexity, but for the resident camaraderie and mission oriented atmosphere which was immediately evident on first visit.Each day I am incredibly humbled & honored khổng lồ care for children at the Clevelvà Clinic!"

Mira Younis, MDUniversity Of Jordan, Jordan"I did one year of research at the Clinic before residency. I believe that once you get lớn experience the warmth, professionalism, & values shared by everyone in this internationally renowned institution, it becomes difficult to lớn leave! I chose Clevelvà Clinic Children’s for its commitment lớn its residents’ success & growth. The family feel of the program, the mentorship & one-on-one interaction with faculty, the broad learning & training opportunities, và finally the wealth of resources and opportunities for retìm kiếm are what make the program an incredibly rich training experience that I am thrilled lớn join!"

Second Year Residents

Osama Abuhasheesh, MDMu"tah University, Jordan"I lượt thích pediatrics because it is the most rewarding specialty in medicine. One smile from a 9-month old baby makes day. Before joining Clevelvà Clinic, I finished first year residency in pediatrics at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan. Clevelvà Clinic is one of the best hospitals worldwide and the dream for many medical students to join after finishing med school."

Amala Alenchery, MDSt.John’s Medical College, India

"I chose Clevelvà Clinic because I felt I could find another trang chủ away from home here! The institution prides itself for the diversity it has to lớn offer in terms of patient population and pathology, while fostering holistic development. Everyone here is very warm và welcoming and I am excited about what lies ahead for me!"

Kriti Bhayamãng cầu, MDLady Hardinge Medical College, India

"I always dreamt of being at Clevelvà Clinic, and as they say, when you stick on, dreams vì chưng come true! This place offers immense scope for learning & at the same time, the tư vấn system to lớn help you grow. The warm & friendly nature of everyone here made me feel like home page the first time I met them on the interview day. I aspire lớn become a world-renowned child neurologist & strongly believe sầu that Cleveland Clinic is the perfect platform khổng lồ begin this journey. Cleveland is a beautiful place. I love sầu to go khổng lồ the lake or take a walk across downtown."

Rita Elias, DOMichigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Michigan

"I chose Clevelvà Clinic Children’s for its broad variety of pathology, exposure khổng lồ chất lượng medical cases, & for the genuine kindness of the residents & leadership. husband and I are very outdoorsy và there are so many awesome trails in this area that we love sầu khổng lồ explore! We also eat a lot of ice cream and there are great options in Cleveland. I am really looking forward lớn learning and growing as a pediatrician at CCF!"

Mohamed Elshazzly, DOCampbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine, North Carolina

"I attended the American University in Cairo và Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine. I wished to lớn join a pediatric residency program that would foster interests in clinical medicine and research with exposure to a diverse patient population. During interview day at CCF, everyone I met was incredibly kind, professional, informative, & full of warmth. CCF felt lượt thích the perfect fit!

Bilasan Hammo, MDUniversity of Jordan, Jordan

"I like lớn think of aviarus-21.comself as a resident of the world. I was born in Iowa, moved to Nebraska, Rhode Island, Massachusetts và I have spent 10 years living in Amman, Jordan. I attended medical school at the University of Jordan. Living, studying và practicing medicine in Jordan has really opened eyes on how doctors can truly have an impact on the lives of patients; not only on their physical health but mental health as well. I chose Pediatrics because children are genuine và so full of life. I chose Clevel& Clinic due lớn its diversity of patients, cases, people và the overall sense of “belonging” khổng lồ something great."

Nicholas Marshall, MDNortheast Ohio Medical University, Ohio

"I studied natural sciences và chemistry at the University of Akron & attended medical school at Northeast Ohio Medical University. I enjoyed rotating at many of the hospitals in Northeast Ohio, but Clevel& Clinic was a special place. While I was exposed lớn many comtháng pediatric aliments, I also had the opportunity lớn see diseases that I have sầu never heard of— or only read in textbooks. What surprised me most, however, was the people. The program’s attendings và residents challenged me and fostered development as a medical student. There was an incredible amount of tư vấn và mentorship amongst the residents and attendings. I was thrilled lớn find the perfect balance in this program between “bread-and-butter pediatrics,” pathology, research, tư vấn, and mentorship. All of this in the backyard of where I grew up."

Meagan McNicholas, DOOhio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio

"I moved khổng lồ Cleveland to attkết thúc college at John Carroll University & never left. Despite the snow & the rain, I love being here. I am a member of the first graduating class from Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Clevel& Campus. I chose Clevel& Clinic after I had a great experience doing a sub internship. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive sầu. I learned a ton in just the short month. CCF offers the opportunity for residents to lớn become well rounded, seeing both fundamental pediatrics cases and extremely complex cases.

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Ariel Moore, DOOhio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio

"While in medical school I decided I wanted to stay close to lớn trang chính and work with children. I choose Clevelvà Clinic because of all the different learning opportunities. From the global health opportunities khổng lồ the retìm kiếm opportunities with all of the subspecialties. During Acting Internship I was able khổng lồ bond with the other residents and really felt I was a part of their family. Everyone got along so well & I knew it was a family I wanted to lớn be a part of."

Inga Muser, MDRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland

"I was born và raised in the Toronlớn area, & attended medical school in Dublin, Irel& before joining Cleveland Clinic for pediatric residency. I chose the centre for it’s wide patient population, research opportunities, và of course the incredible staff. I’ve been conducting pediatric retìm kiếm at the Hospital for Sichồng Children in Toronto for some years now và hope to lớn join the ranks of the many Cleveland Clinic researchers."

Nhu-Hac Truong, DOWest Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, West Virginia

"I chose Cleveland Clinic for the diverse pathology and complexity, and the opportunity lớn work with a number of international patients. I love sầu going on food adventures, traveling, và anything sci-fi/fantasy related. Having been an East Coast girl entire life, I"m excited to see what the Midwest has to lớn offer and can"t wait to explore the bustling city of Cleveland!"

Mary (Yi) Wang, MDRoyal College of Surgeons in Irelvà, Ireland

"I started undergrad at the University of Waterloo & finished it while studying medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Irelvà. I chose Clevelvà Clinic because I was impressed with the team atmosphere I saw while interviewing there. I was further impressed with the team"s diversity & felt it would suit me as a Canadian IMG who studied in Ireland. I was also excited by the variety of cases residents get to see while at CCF và look forward khổng lồ seeing rare and interesting conditions, alongside the bread và butter conditions of paediatrics."

Emily Waskow, DOMarian University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Indiana

"I completed undergraduate education at Olivet Nazarene University, and I graduated medical school from Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine. I chose Clevel& Clinic Children’s for residency because of its complex pathology, collaborative working environment, and friendly seniors & faculty."

Shahwar Yousuf, MDPunjab Medical College, Pakistan"I was born & raised in Lahore, Pakistan & graduated from Punjab Medical College inPakistung. I came lớn Cleveland Clinic for residency due to its international reputation, diversity & healthy working environment. There are a gazillion of opportunities around & everyone is more than happy to help."

Third Year Residents

Limãng cầu Alkhaled, MDUniversity of Damascus, Syria

"I moved to Cleveland three years ago khổng lồ finish training in pediatric endocrinology. Despite being a big city girl, I have sầu fallen in love sầu with the đô thị of Cleveland! So I’ve decided khổng lồ stay in Clevelvà for residency training. More specifically, I was drawn lớn Clevelvà Clinic Children’s because of the diversity of the program, the structure of the curriculum in addition to its international reputation!

Mohga Behairy, DONova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Florida

"I chose Clevel& Clinic because of a number of reasons. First off, the immense diversity — diversity of patient population and pathology, và diversity of residents & faculty, allowing for endless learning opportunities. Second off, I was very impressed on interview day when I felt an instant cliông xã with every single person I met. Everyone at CCF, from residents to faculty & staff, have an indescribable warmth. I was really looking for a cthất bại knit program with a supportive sầu family-like environment for residency, and that’s exactly what I found at CCF.

Brian Chen, MDWest Virginia University School of Medicine, West Virginia"I chose Clevel& Clinic for the reputation and the complexity of patients that are drawn to lớn the care we can provide here. Also, I love this đô thị for the beach, music/art scene, & affordability."

Aoife Corcoran, MDUniversity of Limerichồng, Ireland

"I chose pediatrics in the Cleveland Clinic because of its world renowned reputation và family vibe I got from residents & staff when I did elective sầu here in năm 2016. Living in Cleveland is great even if sometimes it rains as much as it does in Ireland!"

Jasmine Dillard, MDMeharry Medical College, Tennessee

"I chose Clevelvà Clinic for residency after doing an acting internship in the PICU here. The A.I. gave sầu me intense pediatrics experience to lớn be prepared for residency. The clinic has a lot of pathology that most people say you"ll only see in textbooks và I felt lượt thích it was a great fit for me. During rounds I was always included in the discussion & was able to lớn add to & ask questions about the patients, pathology, management, etc. I was really given responsibility for patients and loved the svào didactic program: small group lectures throughout the week, gr& rounds once a week, multidisciplinary teaching rounds, & Friday afternoon lectures. I don’t have any ties to Clevel& or Ohio, but I grew up in the Midwest and had been in the south for both undergrad và medical school, so I felt it was time for a change of pace."

Caitlin (Katie) Ensor, MD, MSMarshall University School of Medicine, West Virginia

Growing up a Jersey girl, in the shadows of Thành Phố New York City, Katie has taken advantage of the Big Apple’s many opportunities at various points in her life. She had a brief stint as an actress và was a member of SAG & AFTRA, soloed as an Irish dancer at Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall, & later worked as a Quality Improvement Project Manager at NYU Langone Medical Center. While NYC has given her a lot, she will always have sầu a special place in her heart for the thành phố that only acknowledges 25 letters in the alphabet, Boston. It was here she obtained her master’s degree at Tufts University Medical School và first worked in quality improvement. A regular rolling stone, Katie has also spent time in the wild and wonderful West Virginia during medical school & is now proud to be a resident of the great state of Ohio và the CLE! A former trauma patient, Katie knows firsthand the importance of humanism in addition to excellence in medicine. Putting the Clinic’s Epic reputation (pun intended) & her passion for improvement aside, it was the approachable nature & genuine warmth of everyone she met at CCF that sealed the khuyến mãi. When she isn’t laughing at her own jokes, taking the long way khổng lồ medical school, or living her dream as a CCF resident, Katie likes to play her bedazzled ukuleles, create tuy vậy parodies, và cuddle her kitten, Lieutenant Purr, as he struggles to lớn break không lấy phí.

Sarah Leluga, DOChicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Illinois

"I stayed close for college at Michigan State University (go green!) and then headed to lớn medical school at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. Outside of residency, I love khổng lồ spkết thúc time outdoors being active — anything from running with two dogs, to SUPping & snowboarding — but I also am a total bookworm."

Michael Lin, MDColumbia University, New York

"I was raised in Omaha, NE. I grew up playing violin và basketball, và I am still very active sầu in sports & music. I signed up for two gyms to lớn run on different courts, and I am planning lớn learn the cello. I am looking forward to all that Cleveland has khổng lồ offer from going to the Orchestra và sports games lớn exploring nature around the city. Some areas in pediatrics that have piqued interest so far are genetics, heme/onc & PICU, but I am eager lớn learn more và take time lớn find the right fit."

Pia Maalouf, MDLAU Gilbert & Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine, Lebanon

"March 16 2018. A date I will never forget. The date I found out I matched in Clevel& Clinic. I feel sincerely grateful for the opportunity the pediatric department at CCF has given me. As an IMG from Lebanon, I am excited to lớn explore all options here, khổng lồ learn from an amazing team & to grow in such a diverse and rich environment."

Christiane Mhanna, DOOhio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio"I studied biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve sầu University và subsequently attended Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.Cleveland Clinic Children"s serves patients from all over the world with a wide range of unique cases."

Jamie Pruitt, DOWest Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, West Virginia

"I choose Cleveland Clinic Children’s because when I did an acting internship here I felt challenged every day to learn in an environment where I felt supported và a part of the team. The residents are knowledgeable & made me feel empowered to make decisions & take ownership for the care of patients. I am interested in pediatric Cardiology because I love physiology và I like the phối of adễ thương care vs long term translational care I get lớn have sầu with patients."

Saneeha Shahid, MDAga Khan Medical College, Pakistan

"After completing medical degree at the Aga Khan University, I came to Clevel& all the way from Pakistan! And can I just say, I’m ecstatic that I did! Cleveland Clinic và its people have welcomed me and adopted me as one of their own. I have no doubt that it is the perfect environment for me to learn medicine & enjoy aviarus-21.comself at the same time!

Chief Residents

Brendan Burke, DOMichigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Michigan"I grew up in Metro Detroit, graduated from the University of Michigan, và attended Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school. I chose Clevel& Clinic Children’s for the diverse patients & pathologies we see, the diverse backgrounds of our residents và attending, as well as the incredibly supportive và invested faculty. In không tính tiền time, I’m enjoying all the food, baseball, & metro parks Clevelvà has khổng lồ offer."

Nicole Rothfusz, DOOhio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio"Being originally from the Clevelvà area I was thrilled lớn match at Clevel& Clinic Children’s to return for residency! I chose this program because I did an acting internship and loved how supportive and invested everyone is in resident learning and growth. It is a great place to learn the fundamentals of general pediatrics but also the intricacies of subspecialty care. Clevel& also has so much khổng lồ offer! I enjoy watching musicals at Playhouse Square, hiking throughout the city-wide metroparks, and catching a game lớn cheer on our sports teams. I love sầu the diversity of the đô thị và the program!"

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