A residential job, position, course, etc. is one for which you live sầu at the same place where you work or study.

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First, we hypotheform size that these shocks have induced residential resorting, which should increase the allocative sầu efficiency with which local public goods are consumed.
Subsequent residential relocation was rare và typically proved extremely difficult, requiring government approval & reassignment.
The numbers in residential treatment centers for behaviorally disturbed youth rose from 25,500 khổng lồ 44,000 (66% population-adjusted increase).
To accomplish this, we first listed the other census tracts that surrounded each of the 177 residential census tracts.
Our first hypothesis is that residential re-sorting should significantly increase the allocative efficiency with which households consume local public goods.
Staff from residential institutions, hospitals, day-care centres & schools, và also parents should be made aware that norovirut is highly contagious.
To address this question, several experts evaluated the appropriateness of the residential district designation.
Such residential buildings contained from a few khổng lồ twenty or more apartments, with the average being around eight lớn ten dwellings each.
Finally, we did not find any evidence of effects of residential history on overall categorization accuracy.
Twenty residents participated in the study, five from the nursing trang chính và 15 from the residential care unit.
Evidence with regard to the use of nursing homes và recuperative care in residential settings is not yet to hvà.

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However, the subjects studied lived in a residential trang chính và many were ex-smokers, so underlying age-related pathology may have sầu biased the findings.
In the process, the book raises several important issues about the formation & maintenance of residential space in one capitadanh mục society.
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