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khổng lồ wrap something around an object several times or twist it repeatedly around itself, for the second time or more:
Rewinding risks rubbing the film against itself, which can cause scratching of the film & smearing of the emulsion which carries the pictures.
The camera handles winding & rewinding automatically, khổng lồ the extent that partially exposed films can, in certain cameras, be removed và used later.
The symptoms of this breakdown are immediately obvious even when rewinding the tape: tearing sounds & sluggish behavior.
However, the sheer scale of some games makes computationally expensive sầu solutions lượt thích rewinding impossible.
If the player fails the scene"s objective, the scene ends, then quickly rewinds back khổng lồ the beginning khổng lồ be played again.
The player advances through each level along a filmstrip bản đồ, và can revisit previously-completed levels by rewinding the filmstrip.
Manually rewinding film could not be done with a flash mounted in this shoe because the flash blocked the crank.
Computer systems normally avoid rewinding their cloông xã when they receive sầu a negative sầu cloông chồng alteration from the master.
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