When you go to lớn the theatre, you have to lớn be willing lớn suspover disbelief (= khổng lồ act as if you believe that what you are seeing is real or true, although you know that it is not).

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Mr Young was given a six-month jail sentence, suspended for two years (= if he commits another crime within two years, he will have sầu to lớn go khổng lồ prison for six months for his original crime).
If someone is suspended from work, school, etc., they are temporarily not allowed to lớn work, go khổng lồ school, or take part in an activity because of having done something wrong:

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If small pieces of solid material are suspended in a gas or a liquid, they hang or float in the gas or liquid:
A person who is suspended from a job, school, or an activity is not allowed lớn be involved in it, usually as a punishment:
suspend production/service/trading The Stoông xã Exchange will suspkết thúc trading in the group"s shares if they vì not secure financing over the next two weeks.
suspkết thúc accounts/payments If users ignore messages warning them not to download files illegally, their accounts could be suspended.
if an organization suspends an employee or member, it temporarily stops them from working or from being a member, often because they have sầu done something wrong:
be suspended for 6 days/2 weeks/3 months, etc. Mr Morris, who has been suspended for a year, expects khổng lồ return to his job after a meeting of governors.
to lớn give someone a punishment, especially a prison sentence, that will not be carried out if they vày not do anything else illegal within a particular period:
An ordinary industrial robot hanging over the workcell suspended by an iron portal takes care of hexapod translocations.
In case of parallel proceedings, they may suspend or cthất bại their investigations but are not obliged lớn bởi vì so.
Student 2, however, has a very different experience of this period of time at college, having temporarily suspended his individual lessons at this stage.
The tension, generated by the opposition of regular & warped parts, can also be seen when geometric volumes appear suspended in the air.
The file is 4000 pages long, 32 judges have declared themselves incompetent to lớn judge the case, which has effectively been suspended for six years.
The schedule d e demands the value of expression e, returning immediately, while r e suspends the current schedule until e has been evaluated.
The trap interior contains an 18 cm polyethylene funnel which is suspended beneath the drainpipe by four chains.
Dressed as an angel, the figure seems more suspended from the prominent golden wings attached to her costume than supporting them.
I didn"t think we were going to make a change in exchange rates without, in effect, suspending dollar convertibility into lớn gold for a while.
This emphasis on unfair trade practices suspended national planning và revitalized the market by discouraging cutthroat competition.
Similar khổng lồ the indirect effect, the total effect on total suspended particles, dissolved oxygen demand, & suspended solids is strongest in poor countries.
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