I am bachồng, just like I promised. This time with another interesting topic… So by now, you have probably guessed that the team is doing a series of ‘Best Five sầu explainer videos’ blog… No brownie points for that! Or maybe some… If you hadn’t guessed by yourself without being prompted? Well, Looks like the cat’s out of the bag!

So, I have sầu a danh mục of top five sầu explainer videos with the best background scores. Of course, the best comes last! (To make sure your eyeballs are glued khổng lồ the screen until the end! That’s our triông chồng, see!)So, let’s start first with the explainer Clip for Philips Android Speakers created by Epipheo (Yeah! These guys pop up in our danh mục every time! We are trying not to lớn be partial but some things can’t be helped…)

5. Philips Android Speakers :

Simple, powerful concept, brilliant execution and not khổng lồ mention an awesome background music to compensate for the lachồng of voiceover! Also notice the little details in the soundtrachồng especially when the main phone character is trying lớn convince his friends to stay because he is trying hard to lớn fix his friend’s problems (read boredom!). The focus on the music has been dealternative text very confidently especially since that happens to be the main selling point of the product. A difficult task achieved with flying colours! Don’t you agree?

Now, check out the next Clip in our list… This is not your usual animation explainer Clip but what the heck! We decided to stichồng lớn it anyway và you will know the reason why as soon as you press that precious little play button down there.

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4. Virgin America Safety Video :

Now you know why… The lyrics, the music, the energy, the choreography… What’s there not khổng lồ love? Everything put together so effectively that I was almost checking my phone if it is switched off before I realized – I was not even on plane! Not lớn mention, I keep tapping my feet every time I listen khổng lồ it… Every single time! Who wouldn’t right? And I know it is personal but that robot rap was my favourite part và of course, the extremely adorable and talented kids.

And now, I am sure I wouldn’t need to lớn listen to lớn anymore flight safety when I take my next flight (I am kidding so don’t you roll your eyes at me yet! I just meant I would remember it all but yeah, I would listen lớn the flight attendants next time anyways… And no, trust me, my fingers aren’t crossed!).

One doubt though… Why isn’t it first on the list??? Why? Why? Okay, so let’s check out the next one for the answers…

3. MSN offers for schools :

Wow! Imagining explaining a service through a song! Wasn’t that awesome? I am sure the team would have sầu worked very hard lớn perfect that video. Such an inspiration và for such good cause! Ah! I need some tissues now. These videos make an emotional wreông chồng out of me, I tell ya! If you find anybody saying that music is powerful, you would find me nodding my head vigorously.

Xem thêm: Sá»± Khã¡C BiệT GiữA Motif Là Gì, Nghĩa Của Từ Motif, Motif Là Gì

All right, before I start yapping again, let us move sầu on lớn the next video. Hey, we are getting closer to lớn the best! So, let’s get going… Now kiểm tra this one out!

2. Twinings Tea

I am speechless! That awesome lyrics has been so effectively used for kinh doanh of Twinings và even the tagline “Gets you bachồng khổng lồ you” is so powerful because let’s admit it, the morning tea is the only custom where you get to relish the time you give sầu to lớn yourself. There is some powerful message in there too & for everyone’s benefit, let me voice it out: No love is greater than the love sầu of self! And the music – yeah, the music, most importantly – is so peaceful lớn the senses. I am speechless again & I agree that some things are best left unsaid.

And even though I would lượt thích khổng lồ linger on the Twinings đoạn Clip for now, I know I have sầu a more important work at hvà. So check out our best of the best đoạn Clip with the most awesome background score:

1. Chipotle – Back lớn the start :

That Clip deserves to be the best. Starting from the chirping of birds which lets us know how much care has been taken to lớn focus on the details, the effective sầu screenplay, the concept, the idea, everything, absolutely everything is so profoundly impacting. And the message – go baông chồng khổng lồ basics because we are the happiest when we are one with the nature – rings so true! It is a wake-up Điện thoại tư vấn for all of us who are allowing ourselves to get swept away by the false glitz & glamour. Beautiful, isn’t it?

And since we just have sầu to lớn tell you about our in-house favorite, check this đoạn Clip out too, created at aviarus-21.com.

In House Favorite – Stayzilla :

So, what vị you think about it? Let us know because we love sầu khổng lồ hear from you. And as for the next blog, yeah keep guessing! No, don’t look at me. My lips are zipped! So long guys…

chipotle back to lớn the start msn offers for schools philips android speakers stayzilla top explainer videos twinings tea virgin america safety


Top Five Explainer Videos With The Best Background Score

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