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Some parents use television lớn fill the void they have created by not spending enough time with their kids, he said.
Contemporary urban voids, as pockets of uncontrolled nature & activities, require new strategies of becoming.
At present, we vị not have any experimental observations of dust voids (holes) in dusty plasmas with variable charge to lớn compare with our theoretical predictions.
Then these masonry ducts fed into vertical risers that were hollow voids within the wall construction of approximately 325 x 375milimet.
The problem is of interest because such migration of voids within conductors is a relatively common size of circuit failure in electrical components.
The drawing of the maps has transformed the neighbourhood by voiding it out of its residents" consciousness.
The effects of ion/electron temperature & trapping parameter on the properties of these nonlinear dust voids are briefly discussed.
In 20% of these patients incomplete voiding occurs due to dyssynergic contraction of the detrusor & sphincter muscles or due khổng lồ mechanical outflow obstruction.
Generally, however, randomization voids special handling of sparse matrices (such as identity matrices) và the tradeoffs they present.
What needs khổng lồ be done next is to fill the voids between the inner nine & outer six categories with transitional objects.
Unless they respond actively, they will be carried passively with the digesting gut contents along the intestine & eventually voided in the faeces.
With time, the sedimentary environment evolved & pelagic carbonate sediments were deposited either as interpillow voids and/or interbedded with the radiolarian cherts.

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The presence of water in excess of that required for chemical reaction creates minute voids, which propagate crazing & create visual defects.
The meconium was voided 1-4 h after the onset of the prepupal stage, and pupation occurred shortly after.
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