Welcome on Board

The expression aboard is older than on board, however, the two expressions can be used interchangeably lớn mean on/onlớn a ship, plane, train, or bus:

Jachồng was already aboard/on board when he remembered that he’d left his suit at trang chính.

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Đang xem: Welcome aboard là gì

The plane crashed, but everyone on board / aboard survived.Are all the passengers aboard / on board?This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard/on board of this British Airways flight.

Welcome on board/aboard can also be used figuratively when welcoming a new member of a team:

Welcome on board/aboard, James always speaks very highly of you.

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Welcome, Janine. It’s good khổng lồ have sầu you on board / aboard!

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How to reply lớn welcome on board?

As we have sầu determined before “welcome on board” is commonly used when you enter a public vehicle, lượt thích a plane, train, ship, or bus. There is no need lớn say anything except “thank you” if anyone personally welcomes you inlớn the vehicle.

However, “welcome on board” can also be used in a different setting. It’s also a very comtháng expression in the business sector. 

When someone new comes to a company, small business, or just a team, we welcome them by saying “welcome on board.” Because a business is lượt thích a vehicle, it goes places & it advances, a new part of that is welcomed on board. In this case, the replies are different from entering a real vehicle.

Here are a couple of examples

Manager: “We would lượt thích khổng lồ welcome Jason to lớn the team. He’ll be in charge of marketing starting today.”Jason: “Thank you, I’m glad khổng lồ be a part of the team.”

Boss: “Today we welcome on board our new team of analysts. Please give sầu them a warm welcome.”Analyst: “Thank you everyone. We are proud to be here & work with you all.”

CEO: “In this company we strive sầu for excellence, và every new thành viên is welcomed on board as a part of the family.”Manager: “It’s an honor lớn be here. I’m looking forward for our team to lớn start right away.”

As you can see from these examples it is commonly a privilege khổng lồ welcomed on board into a team or company or small business. The reply to lớn that is to lớn simply be grateful, a bit humble, & show respect to the people in charge and the company itself. If you’re already going places you might as well thank the people who are going with you. 

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