Microsoft released trang chủ version in two editions: Windows 7 Home Basic and Home Premium. Every edition has the same basic features, but different unique features. The Windows 7 Home Premium is a particular edition for users with all important tools & utilities. Ahy vọng Windows 7 versions, trang chủ Premium has a more powerful backup & restore tools. It has a powerful backup tool. Unlike trang chủ Basic, it has no geographical restriction. Furthermore, there is a separate ISO tệp tin for 32-bit & 64-bit versions.

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Microsoft has various virtual machines running either Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 available for không lấy phí download. These virtual machines, when opened or imported inlớn a compatible virtualization software, can be booted up without any further configuration for instant usage of Windows operating system. This ZIP.. folder contains an ISO for both an English 32bit & 64bit Windows 7 install. After you download windows 7 iso record. Spare it on your PC. Pursue this instructional exercise. This advises How khổng lồ introduce Windows 7 from USB Pen Drive. The means khổng lồ introduce windows 7 are straightforward & simple. Whether you face any issues during Windows 7 Ultimate ISO tải về or establishment.

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Download Windows 7 Home Premium


Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Download Requirements

Here are the download requirements. Make sure khổng lồ kiểm tra them before starting the downloading.

1GHz or above sầu processor1GB RAM15GB Hard diskDirectX 9 Graphics ProcessorA reliable internet connection

Methods to Create Windows 7 Bootable USB Drive sầu

There are various methods lớn convert the ISO image inlớn an executable tệp tin. I am using all of them below. Follow any of them and then follow the installation guide.

Method #1: Use Microsoft’s Tool khổng lồ Create Bootable USB

First, convert the ISO image inkhổng lồ an executable file. You can bởi vì so by using Microsoft’s tool known as “Windows USB/DVD Download.”Cliông xã Here khổng lồ tải về it.Connect a 4GB USB flash drive with a PC.Now, download Windows 7 trang chủ Premium ISO from the links in the above section. The ISO image supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions.Right-cliông chồng the tool và select “Run” lớn proceed.When it opens, you see the “Source File box.” Add the path of ISO tệp tin here. You can also use “Browse” lớn locate ISO automatically.Click “USB Device” from here to lớn create a copy of ISO file on the USB drive sầu.Now, cliông xã the option “Begin Copying” to copy the ISO image khổng lồ the USB flash drive.Open the relevant folder lớn look for the “thiết đặt.exe” tệp tin. Double-cliông chồng this file khổng lồ start the installation process.

Method # 2: Use RUFUS to Create Bootable USB Flash Drive

If you don’t want khổng lồ use Microsoft’s tool, use Rufus lớn create a bootable USB flash drive sầu. Just tải về it and create a bootable USB flash drive sầu with a few clicks.

Download Rufus.Connect a 4GB USB flash drive sầu with a PC.xuất hiện Rufus trang chủ PageSelect “NTFS” from the drop-down menu lớn create a bootable disk for Windows 7 or XP..Here is a button lượt thích a DVD drive sầu is located with the option “Create Bootable Disk Using.” Click this option.Select Windows 7 trang chủ Premium ISO file.Click “Start” và the tool will start converting the ISO image inkhổng lồ an executable file.Wait until the bootable USB drive sầu is ready.Connect it with PC và reboot it to lớn install Windows 7 Home Premium.

Method # 3: Create Bootable USB Flash Drive Via Command Prompt

If you are an expert user of Comm& Prompt, you can use it lớn create a bootable USB flash drive.

mở cửa the “Start” menu & clichồng Commvà Prompt.When it is open, type the following commands và press the “Enter” key after every commvà.DISKPARTLIST DISKSEL DIS 1 (Instead of 1, type the drive number where you have saved Windows 7 Starter ISO file.)CLEANCREATE PARTITION PRIMARY SIZE=102400 (You can select your desired drive size)FORMAT FS=NTFS LABEL=”WINDOWS 7”ACTIVEEXITHere, click the “Install Now” option to start the installation.

Installation Guide

Follow the steps below lớn install Windows 7 trang chủ Premium.

Connect the bootable USB flash drive sầu with PC.Reboot PC và select “Boot from CD/DVD.”First, it will load files.Now, settings appear. Select the language, time & currency format, Keyboard or đầu vào method from here.Clichồng “Next” lớn move ahead.Select “Install Now” to lớn start the installation process.Here, click the options “I accept the license terms” và “Next.”Two installation types appear: Custom và Upgrade. Select “Custom” if you want khổng lồ install a clean copy of Windows. Select “Upgrade” if you don’t want khổng lồ delete current files & apps.Now, select a drive where you want to install Windows 7 Home Premium.The system starts copying files.In the next section, the file expanding & then the installation process starts.Wait for a while until the installation reaches 100%. In the meantime, the system will restart for several times. Don’t interfere in the process.Finally, Windows 7 trang chủ Premium is ready lớn use.Add the sản phẩm key & enjoy using innovative features of Windows 7 trang chủ Premium.

Features of Windows 7 trang chủ Premium

It’s compatible with various productivity programs of Windows XP.

Now, create a home page network to lớn mô tả your photos, audio, và Clip files by using Wizard.

It has an automatic backup feature khổng lồ recover data.

It supports TV apps. You can use the pause, rewind and record features.

The desktop navigation is swifter in this version of Windows. Switching between different apps is speedier now.

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The search is more powerful & precise than the predecessor.

The Startup is faster và does not take much time. You can shut down, hibernate, sleep and start the Windows within a few seconds.

Windows 7 trang chủ Premium has a powerful Windows Firewall và Windows Defender.

Windows Live Mail allows you to know the lachạy thử emails without opening your mailbox. It shows the latest emails on the screen. So, you vì not need khổng lồ check your mailbox again và again.

Now, it is more convenient for you lớn vày the web surfing. It is easier và a lot better than in Windows XP..

You can customize the Windows in your desired way. You can change the themes, wallpaper, icons and taskbar programs. Give sầu a new touch lớn your Windows now.

Setting up the Printer & Scanner is very easy due khổng lồ the wizard.

Win 7 Iso Download Vn Zoom Apk

The Live sầu photo lớn gallery in this edition of Windows allows you lớn cốt truyện your favorite images to lớn your desired photo site with a clichồng.

Windows Live sầu Family Safety is another amazing feature by Microsoft added in Windows 7 trang chủ Premium. It allows you to bloông xã the unfavorable sites for your children. Even, it manages the emails & the communication ways.


Q: Please specify the disk storage requirement for installing Windows 7 Home Premium in a system

You need minimum 1GB RAM and 4GB disk space to lớn install 32-bit and 2GB RAM & 8GB disk space to install the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium.

Q: I am trying lớn install Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, but no results. I am using Windows XPhường currently. Please help.

It may be due to lớn the absence of “.NET Framework 2.0 in your system. Download it from the official site of Microsoft.

Q: I want to install Win 7 Home Premium on my Netbook? Does it tư vấn a Netbook?

Yes sure, you can install it on a PC, Laptop & Netbook if they are running on Windows XP. earlier.

Q: I am trying khổng lồ install Windows 7 trang chủ Premium on my friend’s PC, but it is showing an error. Please help me.

Windows 7 Home Premium can be installed only on “One Licensed users’ PC.” You cannot install it another time on a different PC/Laptop.

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